Working with Siena to Build Your Dream Home

For over 18 years, Siena Custom Builders has become one of the most recognized and well-respected builders in the area.  Our homes have been featured in magazines, newspapers, graced the cover of a national magazine and continue to have one of the most popular pictures on houzz.  You’ll find many of our homes' exteriors and interiors frequently pinned on houzz & Pinterest.  Siena’s signature design influence is a casual family-friendly style with elegant touches personalized by our homeowners.

Darin Grubisic, President of Siena Custom Builders, Inc. has been a key player in the home building industry for more than thirty years.  Being on the job site every day, he oversees each aspect of the building process with meticulous care providing personal attention, communication and total customer service throughout all aspects of the building process.

What we believe:

Trust is an essential part of building a custom home or renovation.  One of our particular strengths is personally knowing how to build the house from the basic foundation and framing and how it impacts the rest of the house construction.  This ‘behind the walls’ integrity is just as important as what everyone sees on the surface.  Our subcontractors are the backbone of our business and we believe that everyone involved with the house construction is a vital member of our team.

Working with Siena starts something like this:
  • Consulting with homeowners on property choices, design ideas and cost estimates.
  • Interactive discussion detailing how your family lives and how that may change over the years. Often it isn’t the overall square footage of the house, but rather how the rooms and space flow in the areas where you need it most.
  • Ability to offer contract pricing before blueprints are initiated.
  • Coordinating architectural planning.  As a team we design a home that not only looks like what you envisioned but works for your family in real life situations. We take full advantage of each property’s unique landscape and natural light with window placement and design.  While we may use our previous homes as inspiration for others, we have never built the same home twice.
  • Customization throughout the building process. Even when we start building, if something doesn’t work like you expected on paper, we often adjust it in the field. Your new home is always a work in progress.
  • In addition to custom home building we also offer services for exterior makeovers, additions and renovations, finished basements, third floors and consulting.
What makes Siena different:

One major difference in working with Siena is that we are able to sign a contract based on a guaranteed “Detailed Spec Sheet” before we start the architectural process.  Our experience over the years has shown us that homeowners need a builder with a current material and labor database to design your new custom home along with an architect.   We believe there is substantial cost savings in having a knowledgeable builder working with you
from the very beginning.  

Starting with the first steps of designs, throughout the construction and selection process, we are with you at every the stage.  Along with our team of professionals, we guide you to select the features and amenities that turn a house into your dream home.  Job-site walk throughs at regular intervals insure your complete satisfaction.

Bottom line

We are committed to the quality and high standards of our homes and renovations and stand behind our product. We never cut corners and won’t skimp on items that aren’t obvious to you or that you might not realize until years later.   We know that this could be the biggest investment of your life.  When you build with us, you know that your home is built for a lifetime.


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